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The European Commission has launched a new initiative for mass mobilisation in support of Ukraine (see Tweet, below). I am not sure what this actually means for me and for Artikel104.nl. How can one little tax blog make a different? Would it not be arrogant to think that we can actually help?

Well, I’m pretty sure that President Zelensky would disagree. He’d probably stare right down his iPhone and say something like: “Are you completely f***ing insane? Stop whinging and do something. This isn’t a joke and it isn’t about you.”

And he’d be right. I don’t have an extra room, a car with food to drive to Poland or combat experience. But I CAN make a donation and show up to demonstrations, with a Ukrainian flag and a message for our Dutch politicians: “We completely support the help that our country is providing, and would be very happy to pay more taxes to make this happen. We give you a mandate.” (I actually have – this is completely true – a Ukrainian flag in my bag, just in case the opportunity arises to wave it at something relevant; Artikel104.nl is nothing if not prepared.)

Maybe we could even do a one-off Ukraine poll tax? I.e. an additional EUR 10 on the individual income tax, on everyone with an above-average income (approx. EUR 38.000 p/a). And then use the money for Ukraine? Alternatively, this could be a Sloterdijk-style voluntary tax, collected by the Tax Authorities.

Cynicism is a luxury

Undoubtedly there will be some cynics out there who consider both the campaign and a blog that paints themselves blue-and-yellow, as nasty virtue signallers. Well, guess what, in the specific instance I am more than happy to do a bit of virtue signaling: “The fact that you can’t do everything doesn’t mean that you should do nothing.” I can’t remember whether I got this from a fortune cookie or from my favourite Catholic Youtube channel. Either way, it’s a good lesson.

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