State aid and sport: Unabridged IFA slides Full slides from my contribution to Seminar J, Madrid 2016

On 29 September 2016, I gave a talk at the IFA congress at Madrid. The topic of my talk was State aid and sport. One of the things which I learned during the preparation of the seminar, is that sport is a truly fascinating subject about which one could talk for hours and hours.

Due to timing constraint, our Chair made sure my contribution remained brief. However, as the full slide deck may be of interest, I include it below as a .pdf. It contains various references to additional material and even a short ‘reading list’. Enjoy!

Link to Anna Gunn’s slides


About Anna Gunn

Fiscaliste met de specialisaties EU-belastingrecht en fiscale exotica. Geruime praktijkervaring met fiscale staatssteun.

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