Caitlin Moran on the “Real Purpose of Offshoring” "It's also legal stay at someone's house, wiping your bum on the curtains"

I want to be reincarnated as Caitlin Moran.
But until then a video + quote will have to do:

“Offshoring should stop being called ‘offshoring’, and be renamed what it really is: It’s the cunt test. That’s its true purpose. To work out if you’re the kind of person who looks at the principle of taxation to contribute a universally recognized percentage of your income to the infrastructure of the country you live and work in, or go “yeah, nahhhh – most people should pay that, yes, but I’ve decided not to. That’s just the kind of person I am. I’d like to keep more than everyone else, because I have special rules, because I’m a cunt.” It’s like a financial sorting hat. If you offshore, you’re Slytherin. There’s no point in defending yourself with “yes, but it’s perfectly legal, lots of people do it.” It’s also legal to sit around at a dinner party drunkenly calling your hostess fat. Or to stay at somebody’s house wiping your bum on their curtains. But no one is going to thank you for it.”

Foto door Malmaison Hotels via onder Creative Commons licentie.

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