University Leiden: Free online-course “Rethinking International Tax Law”

The tax law department of the University Leiden has developed an online-course in the field if international tax. It’s free and may be of interest to non-tax people – e.g. ngo’s, journalists, politicians and activists – who want to understand the backgrounds of the present debate on global tax. The course was developed by Prof. Sjoerd Douma and – behind the scenes – Judith Reijnen. It is an amazing opportunity for ‘ordinary people’ to learn about this important field of law.

You can enroll here (starts 3 April 2017, but the videos remain online after that).

Some interesting highlights: Prof Frank Engelen (PwC/UL) addresses the position of developing countries:

Prof. Tanja Bender on ethical aspects of tax planning:

 Prof. Kees van Raad also speaks on the issue of taxc and ethics:

There is also an interview with Marlies de Ruiter (previously OECD, now EY):


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